University is the last step to being shaped into a working professional. Students at that level know well what interests them the most. This is a very important moment, when everyone needs to perfect their skills to be ready for their soon-to-come jobs.

To make it happen, theoretical skills need to be supported with hands-on experience.

We have been setting up a variety of innovative labs and centres, where students can learn, experiment and get a glimpse of how their dream job really looks like.

  • Robotics Lab
  • Internet of Things Lab
  • Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing Lab (3D printing)
  • Agriculture and Aquaculture Lab
  • Entrepreneurship Centre
  • Brain computing & Interfacing Lab
  • Renewable Energy Lab
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Cyber Security and Forensic Lab
  • Plant Phenotyping Lab
  • Virtual Class Rooms
  • Innovation in Art and Design Lab